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Men, you too deserve to look sharp so whether dressing for a formal occasion or more day to day, I can identify and give you advice on what colours and cuts help to make you look your best, putting you on the style map for years to come. I can also show you how to conceal those areas in which you may lack confidence and how to enhance your best features. The services I provide for men are:

Personal Styling Services

(1 ½ hrs)Colour Analysis

Every person fits into 1 of 16 colour seasons depending on their skin tone and their hair and eye colour. A Colour Analysis helps you discover which season you are in and therefore revealing which colours will suit you most. Do you know which colours harmonise with your natural colouring so you look your best? There will be colours and tones that make you look healthier and more vibrant so why not allow Sarah to help you discover what they are so you can dress more confidently and shop smart?

During a Colour Analysis precision dyed drapes are held up to your face to identify you seasonal and tonal palettes (these are colours that compliment  your skin tone, hair and eye colour and enhance your natural colouring). It will reveal your 'best' colours; informing you what colour clothes are the most suitable and determining your most flattering choice for ties, watches, etc and hair shades. Once you have discovered your seasonal palette it will not change with age though colour strengths can be adjusted to balance as you become more distinguished.

After the session, you will receive a personalised report detailing the outcome of your colour analysis, including recommended outfits. Should you wish, you can receive updates of outfits based on your personal report for the next 12 months and free of charge. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a precision dyed colour swatch (an essential item for future shopping trips!).

(3hrs)Wardrobe Cleanse

Is your wardrobe full of dreary and uninspiring clothes? For many of us, over time our wardrobes can become cluttered and unorganised.

During a Wardrobe Cleanse you will be shown how to utilise and wear your existing clothes and accessories to build new outfits and looks for you. Garments previously seen as mistakes become pieces with possibilities. Having sorted the items into manageable sections, desired items will be identified to provide you with a ‘capsule wardrobe’, in which garments can be interchanged with others. Once you have mastered the art of knowing which styles work best with your shape, you will have all the basic skills to create a stylish new you. This provides the knowledge and confidence to ensure that future purchases do not just sit on the hanger.

Following this experience you will also receive a personal report detailing the outcome of the session that gives you advice on future purchases so you can shop with confidence.

(3hrs)Personal Shopping

There is a lot of pleasure to be found in updating your wardrobe for the new season, but the most satisfying feeling of all is when you find something you wear again and again. This could be a classic pair of shoes or the perfectly tailored suit. To be able to put on an outfit and know that it is flattering from every angle is really important.

When building your capsule wardrobe or shopping for a special event, a trained eye can be really useful to help you decide what colours and cuts best suit you. Boost your fashion confidence with expert style rules, learn how to dress for your shape, seasonal colour and revamp your look. This Personal Shopping experience will provide you with one to one advice on how to develop your smart sense of style, regardless of budget and lifestyle. Key items will be suggested that will stand the test of time so you don't need a lot of pieces, just the right ones.

(p/hr)One-Off Shop

If you are going away at short notice, in need of an outfit fast or looking for a key item to tie your look together, this One-Off Shop service can be called upon to unsure the right stylish piece, perfect for you.

In order to effectively carry out this service, a consultation must first take place to understand your wardrobe, sizes, lifestyle and tastes.

(p/hr)Concierge Service

For those of men who are extremely busy or who dislike shopping and prefer dressing in the privacy and comfort of your own home, let me source items on your behalf and deliver them personally to you. There is no pressure to purchase and pieces that you do not choose can be returned. In order to effectively carry out this Concierge Service a consultation must first take place to help me understand your wardrobe, sizes, lifestyle and tastes

Be reassured; I work on a non-commission basis so I can ensure shopping for you is founded solely on your needs regardless of the shop, budget or brand.

On going…

If you are willing, I will keep a record of your details in case you would require me to shop for you in the future. Should you choose to use my Concierge Service then you will not require another Colour Analysis or a Wardrobe Cleanse.

Combined Styling Services

(4 ½hrs)Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Cleanse

Receive a full Colour Analysis to identify your seasonal and tonal palettes and especially your ‘best’ colours. Using this information, I will then help you arrange your wardrobe based on your best colours and cuts. Once you have mastered the art of knowing which colours and styles work best with your shape, you will have the basic skills to create a stylish new you. This gives you the knowledge and confidence to ensure that future purchases will make you look your best and not just sit on the hanger.

(5hrs)Mini Colour Analysis / Mini Wardrobe Cleanse / Personal Shopping

Why not revive your whole wardrobe in just one day?

During this session I will carry out a Mini Colour Analysis to establish what your best colours are. Then conduct a Mini Wardrobe Cleanse to identify your key pieces and items that need to be purchased to build your capsule wardrobe. Using this knowledge we will then hit the shops and find those stylish pieces to lift and enhance your existing wardrobe and style.

(5hrs)Mini Colour Analysis / Mini Wardrobe Cleanse / Concierge Service

This service is perfect for those who want to know which colours best suit them and are looking to revive their wardrobe but have little time to do the shopping part.

Allow me to come and identify your seasonal palette and possible areas to develop with in your wardrobe. We will then discuss your styling desires and I will source and purchase clothing on your behalf. I will also deliver the clothes to you, discuss your choices and return any unsuitable items.

All of the services listed above can be tailor-made to meet your requirements so please contact Sarah for further details.

Gift Vouchers are available for all of Sarah's services and a Colour Analysis makes an especially good present for birthdays or special occasions - so why not treat your friends and family? or Tel: 0777 596 1506 to discuss details further or to make a booking.